At VESSELSERV warehouses, vast ranges of frozen meats, fish, dairy, fresh and ambient stores can be dispatched to any Egyptian port at short notice.
A complete understanding to the diverse nature of crew’s nationalities is vital and this is why at VESSELSERV we stock goods from worldwide sources to satisfy every need.

Fresh Products
Fresh vegetables & fruits
Fresh fishes, seafood, poultry and local meat
Dairy products, cheese, eggs, butter
Pastries, desserts

Frozen Products
Beef, lamb, mutton & preserves
Frozen vegetables and fruits
Poultry products
Sausages, frankfurters, salami
Fishes and fillets
Ice cream, cakes and pastries

Dry Products
Flour, grain and grain products, pasta and noodles
Sugar, preserves jams and jellies, honey
Cereal products, bread, biscuits, puddings
Soups, sauces, condensed soups
Herbs & spices, pickles, olives
Oils and fats
Canned meat, fish, vegetables and fruits
Milk and milk products

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